pre-order program



For makers, herbalists, healers, and lovers of plants who would like to purchase large quantities of herbs (fresh or dried) for products and would like to have a closer connection to these herbs, we offer a Pre-Order Program. Pre-ordered herbs are 10%-20% off their listed price.



You contact us by March 1st with the herb and quantity that you would like grown. 

Decide if you would like to come out to help do the work of growing these plants or if you would like us to do all of that for you. Each hour that you commit to working with us on the production and harvest is $10 off your final order— up to 25% off.

You pay half of the balance upfront, allowing us to invest in the materials we need to nurture the plants.

You can come visit the plants any time you want during our working hours. Bring them offerings, sing them songs, read them poetry, listen. 

You are welcome to come out and help in the harvest and processing. Upon receipt, the rest of your balance is due.