It all started when...

In 1908, Abby’s great grandfather immigrated from the Carpatho-Rus region of Eastern Europe, today part of the Ukraine. He worked several years in the coal mines to save enough money to purchase this land with his wife in 1916. For the next 60 years, they raised tobacco, dairy cows, and four children on the farm. 

In the past quarter century, the fields have lain fallow and much of the former pasture land has been overgrown with forest. The family slowly left the business of farming but maintained close ties to the land. Abby visited during the summers of her childhood, exploring the forest, climbing trees, and staining her lips blue in the raspberry patch. In her 20s she left New England to pursue a career in agriculture and education, but a connection to this place and an unremitting dream of reviving the farm drew her all the way back across the country from the home she had made in the Southwest, bringing Christopher— her partner, a talented young farmer, teacher, and bicycle-enthusiast— with her. 

It is their belief that the health of humans, communities, and ecological systems go hand-in-hand. By growing medicinal plants for humans, they hope to bring healing to the land.