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...for the teachings of plants and the sacrifices of activists, we set aside 5%-10% of what we grow to support the people, organization, and campaigns that are at the forefront of social and environmental justice work. 

We partner with our friend Eliza Daniels, psychotherapist and folk herbalist, to make flower essences, tinctures, and other preparations with the needs of change makers in mind. 

These plants and medicines are not for sale but are available by donation only. 




do you need

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...for a camp, rally, march, occupation? We want to hear from you. Would your organization like plant support for addressing trauma, promoting self-care, and encouraging resilience? We want to hear from you. Email us at


with information about your cause, the work that you are doing, and what your herbal needs are.



would you

like to


...to this project? Financial donations are not tax-deductible, but we do promise that they go directly to fund the time, materials, postage, and love that goes into getting plant medicine out onto the front lines. 

Would you like to donate plant material, preparations, or time to this project? Awesome! Email us at foxtrotherbfarm@gmail.com