the Farmers


Since she fled her first and only desk job working as a reporter six years ago, Abby has worked on small veggie farms and orchards from Maine to New Mexico, taught cooking in the Santa Fe Public schools, and ridden her bicycle across the country of Bulgaria. Now having settled in Western Mass on the old family farm, she is reimagining the potential of long-forgotten fields as a place to restore natural ecological systems and bring carefully grown medicine to the greater community. If she's not bounding through the fields with baskets full of calendula or pulling up taproots, she can be spotted running the local trail networks, practicing her careful culinary alchemy, or writing you a love letter. 

Abby studies herbalism at Blazing Star Herbal School in Conway, MA.


Christopher is the Chief of We-Can-Build-It and Master Fixer-Upper of the farm. Born and raised in the Southwest, he discovered farming on a bike tour across Spain. Since then, he has worked on several farms, managed a one-acre school garden and orchard, and fallen ever-so-madly in love with the woods of New England. When he’s not in the fields, you can find Christopher riding his bike on forgotten dirt roads, foraging for mushrooms, or brewing the perfect batch of kombucha.


Zora came to us from a prior life in Kentucky, which she never speaks of. Judging from her sage ways, activist name, and compassionate nature, though, we suspect that she apprenticed as a community herbalist under Rosemary Gladstar, worked closely with Bill McKibben to block the Keystone XL pipeline, and obtained a masters degree in art therapy from the University of Kentucky.